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Mapdetails für 'Shipment'

US Forces vs. OpFor 

This is a very small, very fun map, no matter how many players ore involved. It takes place in the late afternoon in a walled-off cargo container storage drop on the docks. Gravel and short grass provides the footing, while the symmetrically stacked cargo containers provide the cover. 

Im Spiel Mapname
letzten gespielten Runden auf 'Shipment'
Nr. gespielt am Rundendetails
1 2012-03-13 05:33:55 Details Search and Destroy Shipment Shipment
2 2012-03-12 08:48:38 Details Search and Destroy Shipment Shipment
3 2012-01-26 16:53:24 Details Deathmatch Shipment Shipment
4 2012-01-20 17:13:26 Details Deathmatch Shipment Shipment
5 2012-01-20 16:27:47 Details Deathmatch Shipment Shipment
6 2012-01-20 16:20:33 Details Deathmatch Shipment Shipment

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